Sunday, 24 July 2016

Cristiane Namiuti - Using Psychology to Drive Sales in Social Media Marketing

By Cristiane Namiuti

Social media is an indispensable tool to increase sales. Building a meaningful campaign depends on a number of factors that recognize and validate the consumer’s psychology and thought. By taking the time to understand the needs, goals, and mindset of the potential buyer, the brand’s values and message can be highlighted and emphasized to drive sales. There are various methods to keep in mind on the social media front that help deepen this relationship, such as:

Create meaningful connections with consumers by communicating in a relevant language and vocabulary. Building a web presence that allows followers to interact with your brand in a manner that is actually enjoyable and resonant to help customers feel close to your brand, and eventually, begin to trust it.

Offer gifts to build appreciation. Providing the opportunity for consumers to feel grateful is an enormous advantage. A free item, trial, or service will ensure that your name sticks. Offering a potential buyer a free product or chance to win a prize in return for a certain number of shares on a social media platform is also a meaningful trade.

Partner up with brands or people who are already highly esteemed by your target audience to help spread the word. Building credibility is of the utmost importance, and if consumers know that someone they already trust in their social networking community uses your brand’s products, half the work is done.

About the author: Cristiane Namiuti has launched hundreds of consumer products with companies such as Unilever and Bare Escentuals. She is a graduate of Babson College.