Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Three Reasons Why You Need A Digital Marketing Strategy

By Cristiane Namiuti
Digital marketing now plays a larger role than ever in the strategies that companies create. It is crucial to deliver your brand’s message online.

1. Making The Most Of Resources

Digital marketing encompasses everything from your company’s website through to social media, customer reviews etc. A brands digital marketing strategy is driven by the “trifecta: paid, owned, and earned media”

There are many tools to communicate your brand message online. These tools often require lower investment than traditional marketing techniques, which is particularly important for smaller companies with limited resources. Furthermore, most digital marketing channels offer access to analytics data that can be used to quickly adjust strategy based on user interaction.

2. Research Is Key To Consumers

According to recent statistics, twenty percent of online shoppers now take seven hours to complete a purchase. This time will be spent researching brands, finding out what their messages are and, perhaps most importantly, what people are saying about them. Without having a digital marketing plan in place, you can do little to consistently control what is said about you in the online space, which can result in consumers who do research getting bad impressions.

3. Facilitating Interaction

Digital marketing helps brands interact with consumers directly, particularly when using social media. When executed correctly, this in-depth form of customer service leads to increased consumer loyalty and better understanding of the brand itself.

About The Author - Cristiane Namiuti is a brand marketing professional fascinated by digital marketing.

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